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Artist Development, Music marketing and Music Promotion for Independent Artists
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Indie Music - Marketing, PR & Consulting is an artist development, and indie music marketing & publicity company.  It is a spin-off of what was formally our Artist Management firm,  originally founded in 1983 by music business veteran
Ken Cavalier. 

The spin-off company is based in Philadelphia, PA and was formed in 2006 around the changes in the music business climate, when an obvious need for development, music publicity, management, marketing, and legal services for unsigned and independent artists, bands, and indie labels was realized.  The group, our network, all of whom are professional
music industry experts, consists of veteran artist managers, music producers, publicists, music attorneys, radio promoters, and marketing experts, all with proven track records of success and most have been involved with high profile music projects.  We are affiliated with many music industry organizations and each and every staff member and associate has a passion for helping musicians, artists and labels. The group specializes in developing, promoting, and guiding the music careers of independent and unsigned artists and bands from the ground up to intermediate and advanced stages of development in most genres of music in all aspects of their music career.

Attempting to succeed, make a good living, and market and promote your CD releases as an unsigned Indie Artist or Indie Label today is no easy task.  Without adequate music marketing and music promotion - why bother.  Many artists find themselves spinning their wheels and stuck in place.  The purpose and goal of our organization is to provide artist development, music publicity, music promotion, project management and music marketing, and in some cases professional representation, which they normally would not be able to obtain from a high profile management company.  The focus here is to accelerate the music careers of unsigned and independent artists and bands, creating industry awareness and buzz for the project and product, enabling them to make a good living - independently with their music and also forming the necessary solid foundation that will put artists in a position to become attractive to bonifide professional artist managers and record labels.

The Difference

As we look around the Internet and the industry in general we find many entertainment companies that provide similar services to independent artists and labels.  Some or all offer publicity campaigns, press kit, one-sheet, and web site development, radio promotion campaigns, Press Releases, and so on.  Some of these services, the ones that are legitimate, actually can do a decent job for you.  However most offer only online submission service - Meaning you order the services online - sometimes not  even talking with a real person.   If you are able to talk to a sales person - It's usually One-Time and DONE.

With us, there is one thing for sure  that Ken and his professional group bring to the table that literally sets them worlds apart from these other companies.  Personalized - Hands-On Service!  When you work with Ken and his associates, you are guaranteed to always have real professional people - easily contacted - at your fingertips.  Your personal consultants promise to take serious personal interest in your project and are there to manage everything for you.  i.e. We ARE PERSONAL CONSULTANTS - We don't just sell services.  

Our Indie Promotion Business Model Has Been
a Proven Success for Independent Artists.

We provide independent, unsigned artists, and independent record labels the best of both worlds -- Counsel and promotional services from a professional Indie Music Consulting Company -- with all services performed on a consulting basis with no percentage ownership for the life of the artistís entertainment career.  Here we are aware of the tremendous budget restraints facing most independent artists and indie labels, and work diligently to provide our professional services to fit within the perimeters of most artist's and label's budgets.

Our Philosophy

"Musicians and artists need to focus on the creative end of their career.  Writing, recording, and performing.  The business end should be left to the music business professionals."

"Our ultimate goal as effective Indie  Music Consultants and Marketers is to develop and navigate our Artists & Indie Labels to realize their career objectives and achieve ultimate success"

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