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Artist Management --
Are You Ready for Professional Representation?

By Ken Cavalier


Many bands and artists do a pretty good job of self managing their careers in today’ DIY Indie Music Environment.  A lot of them can find some semblance of success if they are diligent about it, have a few connections, and are able to create awareness for their project.  But most times, with a few exceptions, they find that there is only so far they can accelerate the band or their career.  There may come a time when an artist may feel stuck in place.  This is when an artist may start thinking about professional artist management.  However, when going after a professional representative in the music business the artist must have achieved a certain level of success before a good firm – one that can actually do something for an artist’s career, will consider a roster signing. 


High profile artist management companies that handle the careers of musicians generally will only sign a band to management who is signed to a label, touring extensively, and has already created a regional buzz.  In the years past, some management firms, as labels did, would sign a band or artist with serious potential with the idea of developing them, and making them all they could be.  The reality today is that professional management firms just don’t do that any longer.  They are only interested in acts that are seriously well developed.  The onus of developing an artist to the point whereby a good manager will be interested is on the artist themselves or a well connected artist development company.


Bands and artists today are finding that engaging the services, advice, and guidance of an independent music management consultant that specializes in artist development can be a useful tool in preparing them and making them attractive to a professional band manager or artist manager.   A good Indie Music Consultant can help build the solid foundation, create awareness through publicity and the press, assist in fan base and market expansion strategies, and essentially do everything that a manager might do if they were interested in investing time and money into development.  But unfortunately they’re not.

You need to have a solid foundation of publicity, independent record sales, music distribution, and basically a BUZZ already created and ready to hand over to a management firm.  A good music business consultant can help you get there and become an attractive music entity for a professional artist manager. 


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