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Getting the Record Deal – Guidelines to Submitting Material to Record Labels Yourself

by Ken Cavalier

Many independent artists have come to the realization that attempting to get a record deal in the music business environment today may be a futile exercise.  Most have decided to go it alone – with their own label, and releasing product independently rather then going through the process of trying to “get signed”.  But some still hold firm to the idea that having a record label behind them that facilitates music promotion, music marketing, and tour support whereby they basically foot the bills is an attractive attribute to getting signed to a label and landing a good recording contract.  I do not totally disagree with this thinking at all.  However, attempting to get the attention of a record label, whether it is an independent record label or a major record label requires some serious well thought out strategies.

Aside from having killer material, performance, tour history, a story, a history, and a major buzz going on, a few of the obvious things that record labels look for in signing an artist, you need to bring the attention of the label to your project in a very ethical and professional manner.  Having a music consultant, music attorney, or music manager shop your material to the labels is one way to go – although it could be expensive.  The other alternative is of course doing it yourself -- the strategy of most indie musicians today who find themselves on a shoestring budget.

So what is the most professional and ethical method of getting material to the record labels for consideration?  Consider these few steps:

1. You need to make sure you have accomplished the steps as I listed them above.  Such as having a history, story and buzz.  You are a road warrior, and hopefully you have sold a significant amount of units independently.


2. You have a finished professionally recorded and polished album or demo with professional artwork.


3. You have a professionally designed and packaged Press kit which contains your demo-CD and promotional photos and press, tour history, etc.  You packaging should be unique so that it stands out from the thousands that labels receive.

4. Last but not least – probably the most important step ---  Deliver your package right to the proper source.  Directly to the Artist and Repertoire Representative that handles your genre -- preferably addressing the package to their assistant.

Now that everything is in place, and you’re ready to start submitting to labels, you may be wondering – How do we get the lists we need to find the A&R representatives contact information?   

There is only one music business contact directory that is known in the music industry as the definitive bible for record label A&R contact information – The A&R Registry.  It literally has every single major record label and independent record label A&R representative’s contact information listed.  The name and title, their assistant, record label address, phone, emails, and submission guidelines -- absolutely everything you need to facilitate and organize your submissions to record labels in an extremely effective and professional manner.

The amazing directory is available in the single edition print edition, on CD Rom, and even better there is a highly effective point and click online version which is basically updated on a almost daily basis.

If you are an indie band or artist and basically doing it all yourself, believe me, this is the directory you need.  Check it out.

You can get the details and find both the A&R Registry Print and Online Edition at this link:

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