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Music Producers -- How a Well Known Record Producer Can Seriously Enhance Your Project
by Ken Cavalier

Recently I attended the Dewey Beach Music Conference - One of the many music conferences and festivals I attend and sometimes preside on panels habitually each year.  My good friend and associate Grammy™ nominated engineer and producer, David Ivory moderated the record producer’s panel.  Many independent and unsigned artists listened and offered questions to this group of professional music producers and engineers. 

A lot of the questions I heard over and over dealt with one main theme; 

“How will working with a well known professional record producer enhance my recording project”?

Well I sat back smiling having that all-knowing attitude on this subject having been involved with multiple projects with my artists where we used the services of many different professional producers.  So, in a nutshell here it goes:

Main Benefits and Advantages of Using a Successful Music Producer:

*  A music producer will bring new ideas to the table

*  It is a different and professional set of ears that can detect what’s good and what’s bad about the song.  You will receive an objective professional opinion

*  He or she can assist with song arrangements

*  They can assist with songwriting – Even changing the key or a chord here and there can make all the difference in the world

*  Music producers know what sells – so there is a built in advantage right there

*  An obvious advantage to utilizing a pro recording engineer is the sonic quality of your recording

*  You’ll get an optimal and all-important professional mix

*  Having your record tied to a well known producer can seriously embellish interest from record labels and music industry media

*  A successful record producer has many label and industry connections – If he is happy with the project, this could mean big things for you

There is just a few of the many benefits to engaging a professional, well known record producer when recording your next CD.  These guys do not come cheap so you should be serious and have a decent budget for your project but it is worth every penny.  Make sure to follow up by engaging a professional music marketer to properly publicize and promote your new release.  It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of dough on a great recording if you don’t vigorously and professionally promote it.

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Ken Cavalier is a successful music business consultant, artist manager, publicist, and music marketer.  He has authored many publications on music promotion and marketing and works with independent and unsigned artists in promoting their projects.  Ken works very closely with top music industry music producers and has a close working relationship with Grammy™ nominated  record producer David Ivory (Atlantic Records – Halestorm, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle)  As an independent A&R representative for Ivory Productions, Ken has brought many projects both nationally and internationally to the production company which have turned out to be highly successful.  Ken’s companies Allure Media Entertainment, Inc. and The Indie Music Marketing Group generally take completed Ivory produced projects to the next level by facilitating the marketing, publicity and promotion.  Contact IMCG to connect to David Ivory or another professional music producer. 

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