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Indie Label, Management, & P/R 
Company Consulting .....

Independent Record
Label, P/R Firms and Managers

Are You Confused With The Day to Day Logistics of Operating Your Indie Record Label or Artist Management Company?

Our Label and Music Business 
Consultants May be Just What You Need

((( Indie Record Label, Management Company Consulting
Label / Management Firm Consulting
(By The Hour or Monthly Retainer)

 Just a Few Areas of Consultation:

 :: New Label Set-Up, Business and Legal Structure
 :: Artist-Owned-Label Set-Up and Consulting
 :: Marketing, Business Plan and Budget Consulting
 :: Marketing and Promoting Your Artist's Releases
 :: P/R - Press Copywriting & Distribution Services
 :: Consult on the Latest Music Industry Technologies
 :: Position Your Label for Ultimate Exposure and Success  
 :: Label Branding - Social Network Build-Out & Syndication
 :: Official Label Website Design, Development & Marketing
 :: National Physical and Digital Distribution for
 :: Releases in Cooperation with National Distributors
 :: National Publicity for Your Label and Artists
 :: Cordinating Your Releases - Timely for Maximum 
     Impact -
 :: One-Sheet Development and Design
 :: Your Artists Tour Facilitation and Support
 :: Developing Your Artists (Image, Music)
 :: Para Social Relationship Marketing
Merchandise Development & Sales Strategies
 :: Obtaining Investment Capitol for Your Label
 :: Viral Internet Marketing and Label Branding
 :: Professional Label Website Design and Content 
 :: Trademarks, Copyrights, Performing Rights,
     Publishing, Recording Contracts and Negotiations
By Telephone and Email
(Sorry - Carrier Pigeon Not Available)
* Travel Expense May Apply

Contact us with questions on your music marketing campaign

Contact Us
with Questions Regarding
Our Label and Management Consulting Services

((( Product Release
Marketing & Promotion

Outsource the Marketing of Your Artist's Releases
(Monthly Retainer or One-Time Fee)

All Aspects of Marketing and Promoting Your Artist's New Release Are Covered

What We Facilitate For Each Release

 :: Advertising Channels, Co-Op Advertising Strategies
 :: Traditional Marketing & Promotional Avenues
 :: Branding and Social Site Build-Out & Syndication
 :: Official Site Design & Marketing
 :: Viral Internet Marketing and Advertising
 :: Artist and Repertoire  Tour Support
 :: Radio Promotion [College, Mediabase, Mainstream]
 :: National Distribution Facilitation
 :: Public Relations and Media Exposure
 :: Social Internet Marketing Strategies
 :: Cyber Publicity, Reviews

Music promotion questions?  Contact us.

Contact us to Discuss Your Label
or Artist's Product Marketing Initiatives

((( Record Production & Recording
Connecting Indie Labels With Our Network of
Professional Music Producers and Engineers

We are associated and work very closely with a Network of Very Serious Music Producers and Engineers.  We Can Hook Your Artist's Up with a Great Match for their particular project.  Our network of record producers and engineers are the high-profile industry greats with proven track records of success.  Some are Platnium selling, some are Grammy Nominated and have worked with artists spanning multiple genres from The Roots, Halestorm, Silvertide, Judas Priest, Erykah Badu, to Cassidy, and Patti LaBelle and a Total Ton More.  The studio facilities are top notch.  That's all we'll say about this.  If you're looking for serious producers, engineers, or studios for your artist's project --

Music Publicity Questions?  Contact Us.

Contact Us and Let's See If We Can Help You Find a Match >>

((( Label Press & PR
Copywriting & Distribution

Connecting Indie Labels With Our Network
of Professional Music Producers and Engineers

An independent record label, just as any other business needs press and publicity and so do the artists that you have signed to the label.  Our P/R copywriters will professionally develop and write your press  and distribue it through our massive network of over 10,000 music journalists.

:: Website and Social Media Design & Content Copywriting
:: Label and Artists Professional Biographies
:: Press Releases, Feature Articles, Interviews, Reviews
:: Distribution and Radio One Sheets
Business &  Marketing Plan Development

Music Marketing Questions?  Contact us 1.888.242.9331

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Help You
with Your Press and Media Copywriting

Order PR Copywriting Services Online Now

((( Label Contract & Legal Assistance
From Our Network of Top 
Music & Entertainment Attorneys

Our network of music and entertainment attorneys are top notch - best in the industry.  They have represented clients spanning record labels, and corporations such as AreoSmith Management, Metallica Mangement, Megaforce Records, and many more.  Artists represented by our Attorneys' include John Legend, Cassidy, and many others.

:: Business Trademark, and Structure
:: Contract Development and Preparation
:: Distributor, Publisher, and Artist Negotiations
:: Legal Representation In General

Music publicity questions?  Contact us.

Contact us to discuss your
entertainment related legal needs

We Can Help Position Your Label,
Publishing or Management Company For
Stability and Maximum Success

Call Today to Speak With a Consultant -
Find Out How We Can Help You

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What They Say ...

Indie artist consulting testimonials

Music marketing and music promotion

Hey Ken,

"Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking you for all your hard work on all of the ongoing PR projects you do for Ivory Productions.  You have definitely succeeded in increasing our visibility in the market and have generated a multitude of interest in what we do.  Thanks again, and keep on rockin' bro."

David Ivory
Ivory Productions
Flexitone Records

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the great job you've done on our record label's website.  It's extremely professional and has all the functionality we were looking for.  The copy you wrote is exactly what we needed.  Very awesome - Very professional!"

Joe Mattis, President
Slugfest Records
Island Records

" Indie Music Group - Great job on our one sheets.  Nice design and very effective.  Our distributors are impressed with the format."

Jason Told, CEO
Formanna Records, Inc.

"You guys have been a tremendous asset to our label and PR company.  The information you provide each month has proven to accellerate our business and has saved us a ton of money.  Hiring a music business consultant was the last thing on our minds - but what a move.  So happy we did it.  A thanks for everything!"

Melissa Cantore,
VP of Marketing
Aware PR & Consulting
N. Hollywood, CA





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