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A Personal Message From Our Founder........


Ken Cavalier, CMBC
Founder, Chief Publicist
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As a former musician and artist myself,  I am fully aware of the burning desire that exists within each and every musician, songwriter, and music business person that aspires to achieve greatness and an abundance of success in the music business.  I have also learned the great degree of music promotion and music marketing efforts that are absolutely necessary to achieve your goal. I've been in the music management business at many different levels for over 35 years and since my transition from artist to music and artist manager, music publicist, and music business consultant in 1983.

I have put to work my burning desire and passion for the business and it's musicians, songwriters, and music business entrepreneurs and have assisted them in the development, and the marketing and promotion of their image and product. 

 “You Can Get Everything in Life You Want if
You Help Other People Get What They Want”

                                     Zig Ziglar

It's also my burning desire, passion, and personal quest as music business consultant to assist, motivate, and inspire as many Indie artists, bands, songwriters, and labels as possible and to navigate them to realize their career goals, objectives, and dreams.  Through my proven inspirational and informative coaching techniques, and implementation of proven music marketing and promotion tactics and resources, it is my sincere desire to achieve this end with all whom I work with. 
I have also assisted and advised  many Indie Labels with strategies on structuring their business, marketing and promoting their artists, distribution, and all other aspects of operating a successful, and financially stable Independent Record Label.
 If you're an independent artist or band and you're releasing your own record, then you are essentially an Independent record label.  So advice and strategies applied to Indie record labels would thereby apply to you as well as an independent artist.

All that being said; Once again I would like to welcome you to our website and genuinely hope that you find it of service in your quest to achieve the heart-felt success in the music business that you so desire. 

Some Facts to be Considered 
About the Music Industry Today

Which You Probably  are
Already Painfully Aware Of .... 

If You're Not - You Should Be!


In today’s constantly changing music industry and Indie record label environment, one thing is for certain.  The long lost days of landing the big “Record Deal” where the label sinks millions into an artist for development, music promotion, music marketing, and tour support are few and far between.  As a matter of fact; They’re Over.  The major record labels as we once knew them are disappearing before our eyes with Independent labels, and Independent Artists operating their own label for their own product, taking  over as much if not more of the market share. 

A similar scenario exists within the area of creditable – well connected Artist Management Firms.  Professional managers who base their remuneration strictly upon the standard 20% commission, and actually have the clout and creditability to accelerate the career and create major awareness for an artist, are simply not interested in investing an enormous amount of time and expense into grooming and developing an artist to the point where there is actually income to realize through commissions. 


In this extremely competitive environment of Independent Music, this is considered speculation - an element of a music investor, not a manager.  Managers just do not extend serious effort with little to no remuneration any longer.  Like any other business, a management firm of stature and creditability is there to make a profit.  If you are an Indie artist or band at beginning stages of development with little to minimal amount of buzz - please don't be fooled by a supposed roster based management company that allegedly flips out with excitement over your band and your music and offers you a 2-3 year commission based management contract.  A firm with industry clout that can actually do something for you won't do this.  There's got to be a catch!

Because of These Well Known Facts,
The Trend in the Music Business is Shifting


Today it's a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Music Promotion INDIE-MUSICIAN based Industry.  For this reason today’s Artist or Indie band has to take music promotion/marketing, publicity, and artist development matters into their own hands.  The problem which exists here is that a lot of artists don't have clue where to begin, they have little or few connections, and would better spend their time on the creative aspect of their career (As well they should), assigning the business and promotional end of their career to a competent professional.  This is where engaging the services of a short term, non-contractual music business consultant and coach, who motivates, directs, promotes, and markets your career and your product release can be very advantageous on many levels.


A good music business consultant should have the ability and assets to perform similar duties as a personal manager such as representation, motivation, publicity, and all aspects of music marketing and music promotion. Hence building the solid independent foundation, lifting the artist's career to the next level.


The process should bring higher awareness to the artist's project and products which in-turn will create the solid foundation which will prepare the artist to attract the high quality, creditable commission based roster management, and record label attention.  But you must have something to offer first - a good coach and consultant can help you get to that point.



Dispensing Our Own Proven Brand and Style of Motivation & Inspirational Coaching and Consulting for 
Unstoppable Independent Music Career Success

Today, when a major record label or Indie label considers signing a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical ability, songwriting, and performance talent, they are fully developed and already have a story and history of sales.  They must absolutely be huge on the web, and have already created a substantial “Industry Buzz” and are ready for the big time. 

Building a solid foundation as an Independent Artist is crucial before any focus should be placed on attracting major or independent label attention and High-Powered Roster Based Artist Management.  Many are turning to starting their own independent record label for their releases and publishing company for their performing rights issues.  This is becoming more common than ever imagined before.  Indie artists are realizing that a major label record deal may not be all it's cracked up to be.  There are many pitfalls and the greater majorities of artists that do wind up getting signed find that they are pushed to the side, never get released, and wind up owing the record company when it's all said and done.  Acquiring the advice and counsel of a respected music business consultant can be a major benefit in setting up your own label, publishing company, and every other aspect of your marketing and promotion strategies.  It must be done correctly and professionally to be of any consequence.

If you do have a product released by a major label, and it actually experiences some sales - you'll make maybe a dollar or two - tops per record sale and peanuts on digital downloads, and very little, if anything at all, on your merchandise.  The trend has shifted dramatically - Hence the onset of The Indie Artist.  Where you actually make money selling your CDs and your merch - not giving it all away to the labels.  But to make it as an independent artist, you need to implement the same techniques that a label would do - If they were so inclined.  Things like marketing, publicity, and distribution.  Elements of which an Indie Music Consultant can help facilitate.



So What Does an Independent Artist Have to do to Succeed Among  the Sea of Artists Out There Striving for the Same Goal ...  Well Let's Talk About It


It’s all about attraction …... the BUZZ …  which is a direct result of vigorous, and well placed music promotion and music marketing.  Take a look at our Indie Checklist.  There you will find everything that should be addressed if you have not already done so.


A Message of Hope

I know this all may sound pretty darn frustrating to you, the Indie artist or band that is having difficulty trying to achieve your goals. You may be saying to yourself - How do we do it?  How do we market our CD and make an abundance of sales through distribution channels?  Or you've done everything you can and feel like you've run into a brick wall - not knowing what to do next to get yourself or your band to the next level.  The message I hear from Independent Artists that contact me for help on a daily basis is: 

"Weve Done Everything We Can -
We Feel Like We're Spinning Our Wheels"

Some good advice, counsel, and career direction may be the key element that you are missing.  A qualified Indie music consultant may be just what you need to break through the barriers and rise to the next level - And keep moving forward creating that all enduring attraction.  This is how my group of qualified music business consultants may be able to help you. 

If you believe it's time to alleviate some frustration and reach out for some guidance, we may be able to assist and advise you, and point you in the right direction.  


I wish you all the very best of luck with your music career and look forward to hearing from all of you aspiring Indie Artists out there.  Let's see what we can do to start your music career snowballing.


Ken Cavalier, Chief Publicist and
Music Marketing Consultant

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Ken Cavalier is a Voting Member of The Recording Academy



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