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A well-written musician's or entertainment related professional biography is a detailed story of someone’s career or company written in an entertaining and engaging way by someone else.  All of the good times, the tragedies, the turns of fate, accomplishments, and fortune that the person or company has experienced will come to life on the page. 

A professional and attention getting bio is essential.  It is not a promotional piece that should be taken lightly. It's usually one of the first things that labels, promoters, venues, or clients seeking your professional services will see.  The first impression on an artist, your label or company is crucial and literally everything.  Our professional P/R music copywriters have been writing professional biographies for over 25 years - So we know the drill.  

Here is a brief summary of what to expect and how we go about the process of developing and writing your professional biography.

Our Development and Writing Process:

We start by doing our due-diligence.  Basically researching the subject, company, band or artist to determine everything we can about the subject.  Details for example like Place of Birth, Hometown, etc. essentially doing a trace route of the subject’s history and an evolution to where they are now and what they plan to do.  We outline major noteworthy career and personal events and milestones and the effects the subject has had on their particular industry.  We won't necessarily use every tid-bit of information we acquire but will utilize it to pull from the most important details.

Our process also requires some interaction with the artist, or company.  We will send you a list of questions to gather information and ask that they are answered as completely as possible.  Every bit of information we receive will help us to write the most effective story.  Our biographies are written in the third person - always - and we follow a well formatted chronological order of accomplishments from beginning to current and future plans.

Once the initial draft is completed it is turned over and proof-read by another to assure effectiveness, and lack of errors.  An initial first draft will be presented to you for approval.  You will have the opportunity to provide us with three modifications which we will work with to provide the story that can best be used in your professional presence.  We take the process of preparing and writing your professional bio very seriously and put a great deal of time and creativity into each and every biography we write.  With years of professional copywriting experience we know how to tell the story.

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dizzybloom was originally formed in Austin, Texas, in early 1995 by guitarist/bassist Billy R. Preston, keyboardist Juliet Gamero, and vocalist Stacey Evans as a songwriting partnership that eventually blossomed into a six-piece performing and recording power-pop group.  The Preston/Gamero/Evans core of the group was born out of common artistic interests that the three held together with regards to songwriting style, work-ethic philosophy and mutual musical desires.  Guitarist Steven Oakes, who had been recording demo material for the band was invited to a music rehearsal in early 1996 and later joined as a permanent member. 

Between 1995 and 1998, the original band lineup spent the lion’s share of their time writing and recording their debut self-titled full length album, “dizzybloom” while constantly touring throughout the Lone Star State.

As a musical entity, there was no denying that the members of dizzybloom were at least dedicated to the creation of music that was NOT attempting to cash in on any current trends of the time.  They certainly were not the prototypical Austin bar-band.  If anything, most of their music was just too cerebral and sublime to appeal to a typical bar crowd in Texas.  Their sound was actually more suited to a pair of headphones in a darkened room and someone willing to listen to the lyrics and the intricate guitar and piano work.

Although it was, and still is difficult to place dizzybloom in a specific “Sounds-Like” category, at the time they were favorably compared to well-known acts such as The Sundays, and Fleetwood Mac.  The musical roots of the band’s original members are as diverse as ABBA to Led Zeppelin, to Beethoven.  As far as musical influences, Juliet is classically trained and holds a master’s degree in piano performance, Billy is a lifelong and devoted Rush fanatic and Stacey idolized female pop vocalist Olivia Newton-John.  The resulting music was an eclectic mix of influences that was both catchy and thoughtful although difficult to classify.

By May of 1998, the band had become frustrated by a lack of progress, lack of serious label interest and mounting costs associated with travel and self-promotion.  This proved to be the end of a long road for this original lineup.  

In 2009, after an 11-year period of little to no contact, Billy reached out to Steven via Social Media to inquire about his interest in a possible reunion for the purposes of writing new material and recording again.  During this layoff Billy had continued to write and became interested in the idea of another project as serious as the original dizzybloom; this time vowing to demand nothing short of excellence from the musical lineup.  Circumstances were such that vocalist and fellow writer Stacy Evans was not available to reunite with her former band mates.  Undaunted and excited about the possibility of creating new music once again, the three other remaining original members decided to press forward with the project and sought out a new vocalist. 

In December 2010, Billy, Juliet and Steven met at Congress House Studio in Austin to record four new original songs along with a cover of “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  Long-time friend of the band Wiley Koepp (Scorpio Rising) sat in on drums and upon the recommendations of producer Mark Hallman; Ashley Glover (Dn'A) sang all vocals.  The new EP “Heroes for Ghosts” was darker, moodier and a bit more on the heavier, prog-rock side than the group had previously recorded.  The songs were longer, more complex and drew heavily on inspiration from classic LPs of the 70’s such as: “Dark Side of the Moon” (Pink Floyd).  The gentle ambience of the previous album was still there but guitars had stepped in and replaced parts where excessive keyboards were once so prominent.   The new innovative EP was released in June of 2011 on the band’s independent record label Wolf River Music.

In 2012 there were more changes and more new material recorded.  In December 2010, Billy, Juliet and Steven met at Congress House Studio in Austin to record four new original songs along with a cover of Dream On by Aerosmith. This meeting would mark the first time in over eleven years that these three musicians had recorded any music together. Wiley Koepp (Scorpio Rising) sat in on drums and Ashley Glover (Dn'A) sang vocals. The new EP (Heroes for Ghosts) is darker, moodier and a bit more on the heavier, prog-rock side than anything previously released by the band. The songs are longer, more complex and draw heavily on inspiration from classic LPs of the 70’s such as: Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd), In Through the Out Door (Led Zeppelin), A Farewell to Kings (Rush), and Fragile (Yes). The gentle ambience of the previous album is still there but the guitars have stepped in and replaced parts where excessive keyboards were once so prominent. In December 2010, Billy, Juliet and Steven met at Congress House Studio in Austin to record four new original songs along with a cover of Dream On by Aerosmith. This meeting would mark the first time in over eleven years that these three musicians had recorded any music together. Wiley Koepp (Scorpio Rising) sat in on drums and Ashley Glover (Dn'A) sang vocals. The new EP (Heroes for Ghosts) is darker, moodier and a bit more on the heavier, prog-rock side than anything previously released by the band. The songs are longer, more complex and draw heavily on inspiration from classic LPs of the 70’s such as: Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd), In Through the Out Door (Led Zeppelin), A Farewell to Kings (Rush), and Fragile (Yes). The gentle ambience of the previous album is still there but the guitars have stepped in and replaced parts where excessive keyboards were once so prominent.Florida native Amy Whitcomb, 2013 contestant on NBC’s “The Voice”, had taken on the role of lead vocals and added an additional degree of musical prowess to the sound of dizzybloom.  The newly formed project went on to record a new full-length album titled “Oceans” in Provo, Utah.  Two singles from the album “Oceans” and “Dolores” were released in July of 2013

dizzybloom is back again in 2014, stronger than ever, with brand new material and the powerful, emotional voice of Amy Whitcomb on lead vocals.  The classic hard rock sound is still there, found on their cover version of "See Me Feel Me" by The Who and in a serious and unexpected change of pace the band delivers the soft and gentle "Dolores" complete with Latin percussion and Flamenco-styled acoustic guitars.  Whitcomb's vocals soar with energetic performance levels on “See Me Feel Me” and “Oceans” then come back down to earth with grace and maturity on the smoky ballad “Dolores” and an acoustic version of “Lost Memories”.

The sound and style of dizzybloom is totally contagious. It rocks the soul and uplifts the spirit within the listener.  You can count on craving more after the first listen.  This is the genius of Provo, Utah’s dizzybloom.

The new album is earmarked for release in June of 2013 and will be available on CD at CD Baby, and digital download from iTunes and other popular digital music distribution outlets. To learn more about dizzybloom and follow this epic artist, visit their website at

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Dan Duggan

Singer/songwriter Dan Duggan was born in Victoria (Australia) in 1982 and raised in Melbourne.  He currently resides in Echuca where he works hard at his craft on a daily basis.  His interest in music goes way back to his youth, coming from a large musical family.  Dan began his music career in his early teens as a multi-instrumentalist in many bands.  Growing up in this musical environment his focus was set primarily on songwriting rather than live performance.  Now, as his music career matures, Dan is venturing out as an aspiring solo performer.  

His music and original songs are emotional, deeply personal, and steeped in the Blues/Roots genre.  The songwriting comes from both within and what he observes around him on life’s journey.  Dan’s music and songs are influenced by some of the great singer/songwriters and storytellers.  From classical and theatrical scores, he listens to, and is inspired by, classic songwriters like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Paul Kelly.  Although he has his very own unique sound and style, his musical sound has been equated to Nick Cave, Beck, Tom Waits and Neil Young. 

When asked how he would like his future audiences to feel when they leave the venue as he steps out on the stage as a serious solo performer, Dan replied without hesitation; “like they connected intimately with the story and the music - almost emotionally drained and essentially breathless.”  He looks to achieve these emotions from his audiences on an Australian tour at the dingiest most engrained music venues in Australia and other famous blues venues throughout the US.

While embarking on his journey as a solo artist, Dan will be releasing his debut EP “Blackheart Sassafras” in late March of this year with a tour to follow in support of the new record.  The CD was recorded at the Allan Eaton Studios in St. Kilda Melbourne.  It was produced and mixed by Simon Paul (Ninetynine100).  The single from the album “Rock Bottom” will be pre-released in January followed by a second track “Cursed Moonlight” in February.  “No More for You” will hit the streets in early March just before the full EP release.

With a confident attitude of becoming a very successful performer in his selected genre of music, Dan was recently asked by the media if he felt he could have increasing commercial success and still retain his artistic integrity? “I believe so”, he stated. “Everyone has an audience.  Commercial success is only a bi-product of having found your true audience and should not be viewed in a negative light.” 

The new EP “Black Sassafras” will be available digitally to the public upon release in late March on iTunes  (Insert Hyperlink). and all digital streaming portals.  Prerelease songs will be available via Triple J's unearthed website (Insert Hyperlink)You can follow this amazing new solo artist and find more information on his exciting music career and tour schedule at (Insert Website URL)



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Latent Anxiety

Artist/Musician/Label Biography

It is sometimes said in the music industry that the confluence of multiple genres can sometimes be befuddling to the ear, and not very easy to pull off, even by the most talented of musicians.   However, every once in a while the stars align and something extraordinary happens.  Such is the case with the multi-dimensional sound of Delvian Records Recording Artist “Latent Anxiety”.  An award winning music project exhibiting a cornucopia of multifarious musical styles spanning Industrial and Electronic, to Progressive, Indie, and New-Wave, with an audio-video temperament that can be described as nothing less than a musical extravaganza for the ears and eyes. 

The project, born in 2001 in Los Angeles is the brainchild of the true definitive master of the surround industrial sound Ilja Rosendahl. 
Scientist, Actor, Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Talented Musician, Rosendahl’s thought provoking lyrics, tight guitar licks, and experimental approach are his musical purport into the developments of modern society.  A musical conundrum descending into the unfathomable depths of human emotion, he brilliantly integrates his own unique styles of industrial music, electronic and new wave, intersecting soft keyboard melodies, mind boggling vocals, and grinding intelligent guitar riffs.

While the all-embracing project is heavily influenced by the 80's, Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) and Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness), some of the artists that inspired Rosendahl’s Latent Anxiety project along the way have been Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, U2, and Alice Cooper.  Because of the project’s non-common diverse mastery it is difficult to place Latent Anxiety in any particular “Sounds Like” category –  However, if one were compelled to do so it would have to be Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, The Sisters Of Mercy, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Tool, A Perfect Circle.

Latent Anxiety’s debut release “Perception” in 2005 was a major success prompting subsequent successful releases.  In 2007 the albums “Sensation” and “Reaction” were additional big success stories, as was “Detonation” in 2008.  The records are timeless and continue to sell consistently.  Rosendahl also collaborated on the “Mortal Doom” project between 2007 and 2009 contributing instrumentation, lyrics, and surround mixing for the album “The Vastness”.  New album, “Suffocation” is scheduled for release in late 2009 and “Salvation” in 2010.  “Compilation Liberation”, a best-of album is also earmarked for release in 2010.  Latent Anxiety’s albums are available at various retail and online locations from Delvian Records as well as digitally on iTunes. 


The primary project objective of Latent Anxiety states Rosendahl is to “Entertain people and influence them emotionally through music.  Life situations shall be translated into music for being recalled later on.”
The incommensurable realm of opulent styles can be easily recognized in Latent Anxiety’s music, for it is both industrial and gothic, while at the same time maintains a pop and new wave flavor, with a tasteful infusion of dance oriented electronica.  A truly unique, refreshing, and innovative project, Latent Anxiety does not get caught up in any one particular musical style or genre, but seriously pushes the envelope and defines its own boundaries while presenting substantial crossover ability and something for every listener.

For additional information on The Latent Anxiety Project and locations where you can purchase the music please visit the Artist’s websites:



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Yung Godz

Artist/Musician Bio

Brooklyn born and raised, the tenacious and emotion stirring Hip Hop Duo, “Yung Godz” knows the streetz, and that’s pretty easy to tell in their explosive sound.  Now working their magic based out of Far Rockaway, Queens, this evoking act never fails to enthrall its fans and audiences.  Refusing to assign themselves to a particular “Sounds Like” category, “Yung Godz” can only be described as totally unique and in many ways are in their own category -  sighting influences only as “The Streetz, The Block, and The Hood.  Abandoning solo careers, they found that the collaboration turned out to be far more powerful.  As a duo they have seriously polished their craft and are quickly rising to new heights.

It all began in August of 2008 when one day the stars aligned and “Jay Bondz” and “R. Sin” found each other.  From that point on there was no turning back.  It wasn’t long until they formed “Yung Godz”, a collaboration that has come to be known as “The Fire That Heats the Streets”.  They are rapidly becoming one of the hottest hip-hop acts on the scene today. 

Early on, recording their debut mix tape “Da Grussle” which defined the grind and hustle of the streetz, it was only the beginning of what was to come.  The act is rapidly rising to the top and is set to explode internationally.  Relying on  a cohesive flow, big catchy hooks, and a knack for telling the story, they know how to get their message across in a way that can only be defined as
irresistible to the Hip Hop crowd

Now with the recent release of their “self titled” full length CD, “Yung Godz”, the team has set their sights on the top and nothing less.  They have no intention of letting anything stand in their way.  With an undeniable blend of material, image, performance, and commercial marketability, they are truly “Unstoppable”.

Having a serious grasp on what they need to do, this act has taken total control of their career.  It’s only a matter of time until “Yung Godz” becomes a household name in the Hip Hop community.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this musical phenomenon – They’re bringin’ it - straight from the streetz -  big time!

For more information you can visit Yung Godz website at:

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D.J. Miguel

D.J. Biography

From his early beginnings D.J. Miguel  aka Mix Master Miguel knew what he wanted and set his sights firmly on getting it.  Paying his dues early on as every entertainer must do, Miguel paid his, “spinning for parties, school’s, events, and friends”.  His established repertoire of venues where he displayed his crafts quickly began to grow.  Slamming down the mixes nationwide, he left no stone un-turned and moved tenaciously forward with his vision and vigorous intention of achieving nothing less but to reach the very top in his chosen profession.

“Mainstream Music in all genres has been one of the most important and integral parts of my life, states Miguel.  Demonstrating his insurmountable proficiency for his art for the last twenty years, he has wooed club patrons and audiences with his masterful mixes and stellar performances.  Having an inbred knack for creating an aberrant vibe, Mix Master Miguel knows how to react to the crowd.  He regards his craft as a science, totally submerging himself and his audiences in the music and the mix, which never fails to translate into a rich and extravagantly exciting adventure for all.  Unlike many other DJ’s, Mix Master Miguel employs his craft with raw emotion, not relying on pseudo computer mixes and effects to make his show.  His multifaceted approach and methodology to the DJ profession is genuine and clearly evident in the convivial party atmosphere he creates with his florid performance.

With a divergent and sometimes nonpareil aptitude for sensing crowd reaction and musical tastes he reacts quickly and has the uncanny ability to adjust his creative flow and ultimately his show in order to accommodate the groove and the vibe.  A true professional in every sense of the word, Mix Master Miguel never fails to drive the crowds crazy with excitement.

In 1998 an interest in achieving some success in commercial radio became one of D.J. Miguel’s multiple quests.  Some notable achievements in this medium included a gig with the Wild 94.9 Dog House Morning Show Mixer.  From 2006 to 2007, he was the mixer for Hot 97.7 Jamz on Sirius Satellite Radio.  In 2008 Miguel, landed back on Sirius radio with a mix show on Friday and Saturday nights called Mix-Master Radio.  Other notable achievements outside of the radio based media is the production and release of two very powerful mainstream CDs; “Music is Music (Club Edition)” and "Music is Music (Back to the Club)".

Not only is this DJ a true adroitness at his profession he has also proven to be an authentically compassionate human being as well.  Taking breaks from his career from late 2006 to July of 2009, D.J. Miguel spent a large majority of his time as the sole care giver for his ailing father who was diagnosed with cancer.  His Dad lost his battle with the dreaded disease on July 25, 2009.   States D.J. Miguel: “I looked straight into his eyes as he took his last breath.  I knew inwardly that he was saying Thank You – I Love You”.

Currently based in Based in Northern California, D.J. Miguel has made up his mind that 2010 is going to be the year that he breaks through to becoming the consummate celebrity DJ.  He plans to place his focus on clubs, higher profile venues and media related gigs nationwide.  This DJ is at a turning point at this exciting stage in his career and in a word is totally “unstoppable.”  He warrants unconditionally, that he will allow nothing to stand in his way.  “I am setting the bar high for myself, and have no intention of accepting anything less” states Miguel.  The critics and fans nationwide that have followed this young man’s prodigious career over the years have no doubt about it either.

Believing in himself, and bequeath of his extraordinary talents to others, is further testimony to the magnificent character of this amazing entertainer.  Believing is only the beginning of his vision to manifest the ultimate success.  It’s all about the knowing, and D.J. Miguel knows within himself as do his followers and his Dad, whose spirit looks down upon him adoringly from above, that nothing can stop him on his sacred quest to the very top of the ladder.  Look for him there in 2010.  You can rest assured – He’ll Be There!

For more information or to book DJ Miguel you can visit his website:

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Brian Severn & Those Victorious

Artist's/Musician's Biography

Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, “Brian Severn & Those Victorious” are quickly proving to be tenacious self starters. Writing and performing highly melodic compositions with emotionally intelligent lyrics and big catchy hooks, it’s evident that their inspiration comes from within. The band which began as a solo acoustic project featuring Brian Severn has grown into a solid song-oriented powerhouse.


Brian began playing guitar at age 10 and started writing and performing by age 12. After watching Green Day’s Woodstock Performance on television he knew instinctively what he had to do.


The band features Brian Severn on guitar and lead vocal, with Paddy Mayonnaise on drums/percussion, Brian "Briany Tiny Hands" Tessier on guitar/back vocal, and Chris "Playboy" Martin on bass. Inspired by, and exhibiting a sound in the vein of artists such as Green Day, Everclear, GlassJaw, Alkaline Trio, and Tom Petty, the band has recently completed their second EP produced by Grammy™nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (The Roots, Halestorm, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle). 


Brian Severn & Those Victorious is dead serious in the quest to create awareness for their project. Continuing to seek guidance from David Ivory and engaging Artist Management and Music Marketing firm Allure Media Entertainment, Philadelphia, PA to assist in the furtherance of their career, the band seems destined for Independent Success.


Their second EP entitled “Wonderboy”, officially released in November 2008, is now available online at their website, and digitally on iTunes.  The band has begun touring extensively in support of their new release.


To stay informed on the bands scheduled shows or for more information on Brian Severn & Those Victorious, you can visit their websites or contact their management.

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Artist/Musician Biography

After attending a “Battle of the Rap Contest” at the age of 16, Elijah Bryant aka ELI knew instinctively that rapping and the world of Hip Hop was his destiny.    Recording and releasing his first album titled “GED” an acronym for (Get Every Dollar) independently while still in high school, the album did relatively well for the young rapper who was just starting out.  His second independent album “Ego Centric”, also recorded and released while in high school did even better selling over 300 copies the first month out.  From that point on the buzz was on and there was no looking back for ELI and his music career.  “My only regret as a performer is not continually putting out more CDs at the time” States ELI who has also enjoyed a very successful part time career as a model, but sights rapping as his true passion and calling.


Hailing from Johnston County, North Carolina or as it is affectionately known JOCO, and at the ripe old age of 19, Eli’s method for writing is methodical and very well thought out.  He takes no shortcuts in his writing process and settles for nothing less than the ultimate in transcendence with every note he writes.  Beginning his painstaking but blissful  process with an inspiring awesome beat, then moving on to the verses, Eli saves the best for last developing an explosive and memorable chorus’ for each and everyone of his masterpieces.  The majority of his music comes from within while at times still writing from observance of the world around him.  His songs and rap can only be described as sensational and highly impressive in every way.


Sighting musical influences such as the “realness of 2Pac”, “the swag of Jay-Z”, and “T.I. as simply the consummate all around rapper”; Eli describes himself as totally unique from other rappers in a multitude of different ways and finds his niche embedded in his creative integrity.  You won’t find parental advisories on this young rapper’s records just good solid creative hip hop and rap music.  “I want my fans to feel extremely gratified and gladden when they leave one of my performances and completely stoked about attending my next performance”, states Eli, “just as I am when I leave a T.I. concert.”  Noting Madison Square Gardens as his dream gig, it shouldn’t be too long until this vibrant young performer is selling out that venue.  “If Jay Z can do it, I know I can”, ELI states confidently.

With an already stellar career sure to blow up soon, ELI has been pursued by many independent record labels along the way.  In 2009 the sharp eyes and ears of the A&R department at the Indie record label Black Onyx Entertainment had the foresight to see that this was an emerging artist sure to hit it big.  Eli signed to the label and his debut album, still yet to be titled, is due for release on Tuesday September 7, 2010.  A date aptly set on the day and date that one of his fallen superstar hero’s 2Pac, was the victim of a drive by shooting in Las Vegas.

The label, its marketing team, and publicist are in the planning stages of putting together a tour in support of the new release.  The tour will kick off with concerts planned at Georgia State, University, Georgia Tech, in early January 2009 with performances continuing up and down the eastern seaboard.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this vibrant emerging rapper, with a huge buzz and story already behind him it won’t be hard to pick him out among the crowd.  For more information on CD release dates and tour schedules you can visit Eli’s website at

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Artist/Musician's Biography

In  2005, five extremely talented musicians from Jerusalem, Israel, and around the world, found each other and came together to form one of the most unique and dynamic forces in the music world as we know it today.  Suitability named “Coolooloosh”, a Jerusalemite word for celebration and joy; this is precisely what the band exhumes with each and every exciting performance. Wooing fans around the world with their intelligent blend of genres, Coolooloosh combining Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, and Funk, is one of Israel’s most popular groups, and is one of the very few well known emerging acts that can pull it off.  Consistently, pushing the envelope, the band is destined to break internationally.


A diverse group of individuals, from varied musical  backgrounds the band consists of Yuval Gerstein (Guitar and Vocal), Rebel Sun (MC), Ori Winokur (Bass and vocal), Arik Levy  (Saxophones),Sefi Zisling (Trumpet) and Yogev Shitrit  on Drums.  Combining both English and Hebrew text into their songs and unique blend of genres only further enhances their distinctive style.


Following an extremely zealous show at the renown Sodra Theatre in Stockholm Sweden in May of this year, Coolooloosh forged on in August and September to continue an extremely successful and productive tour of Europe performing in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, and Hungary, including the well known “Spancirfest” festival in Croatia, gaining major attention and vast amounts of new fans at every show.  In December the band’s plans include returning to Sodra in Stockholm, then on to Denmark and Finland.


Coolooloosh and its members are dead serious in their quest to create awareness for their project.  Recently at the invitation of Grammy® nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (The Roots, Patti Labelle, Erykah Badu) the band will travel to the US in January of 2008 to begin pre-production and the tracking of their new full length album with Ivory at the helm.  “These guys are really something special and unique.  When my associate, Ken Cavalier, brought them to my attention, it was a no-brainer that I had to work with them” stated Ivory.


In conjunction with recording the exciting new album, Coolooloosh will tour the US, including a show at the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington DC on January 22nd.  The band is also in the process of setting up a May 2008 tour in the US for Israel’s 60th Independence Day celebrations.

Coolooloosh has recently signed a lucrative record deal with the largest major label in Israel, and the album has reached number one on the charts.  The band will be traveling back to the US in the Fall of 2009 to embark on a national North American tour in support of their new album “Elements of Sound”


Look for this emerging artist to take the world by storm and break wide open onto the scene and quickly become a powerhouse in the international music community.

For publicity and management concerns in North America contact:

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Flux Capacitor

Artist/Musician's Biography


It’s hard to believe that four talented “twenty-something” musicians in today’s music scene can conjure up a sound that’s reminiscent of the psychedelic rock movement of the 60’s.  A combination of rock, alternative, psychedelic, and a touch of grunge, Flux Capacitor has abandoned all the rules and decided to push the envelope.  Their music exhibits subtle hints of “Cream”, U2, and Nirvana, bundled up into their own unique blend of genres unlike any other act in today’s Rock N Roll scene.  Their upbeat tunes are intelligently crafted around lyrical tones of love, disdain, sarcasm, hope, future, demise and the unknown.  They take their music very personally and it shows in their dynamic live performance.  Suitably named “FLUX”, a synonym for the word exciting, this band will push you over the edge and could quite possibly change the way you view music today.


Hailing from South Eastern Pennsylvania, Flux Capacitor consists of Pete Specht at lead vocal and guitar, Jason Specht on keyboard, synth, percussion, and back vocal, Matt McCarty on drums, keyboard, and back vocal, and Sean Moran on bass and back vocal. Together, they perform an exciting blend of powerful, upbeat, and epic ballads creating energy and wonderment.  Their music evokes passion in their fans, wooing crowds where ever they perform.


The band has taken the recording aspect of their career one huge step further.  Engaging Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Silvertide,  “J” Records, Lizzie Hale and Halestorm, Atlantic Records) to produce and track their new album.  They are currently in the studio putting the final touches on their debut album and video.  “It’s simply awesome how David brings out the raw ideas in our heads and casts them into tangible reality with his development and arrangement expertise” stated guitarist/vocalist Pete Specht. The long awaited debut album from Flux Capacitor is earmarked to hit the streets sometime this summer.


The band has truly come into its own catapulting their career from performing gigs at underground bars and clubs in Pennsylvania, to headlining shows in New York and Philadelphia.  They are poised to break through in the very near future.  Keep your eyes and ears alert for this band.  They are hell bent on making music in the twenty-first century that won’t be soon forgotten.


For more information on Flux Capacitor
and publicity and management  contact:

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T.T. Taylor


Artist/Musician's Biography


No kin to “James” but one listen to this artist is reminiscent to the great acoustic artists of the past and present.  Singer-songwriter Tom Taylor has proven to be a tenacious self-starter exhibiting highly melodic compositions and emotionally intelligent lyrics. His songs and signature voice can’t be mistaken and both overwhelm and stir the human emotion and soul.


Taylor began playing guitar at age 13 when he heard a friend playing an AC/DC song on the guitar.  “I thought it was the coolest thing and that was all she wrote” stated Taylor. Since that time he continues to embrace the arts with his love for music and songwriting.  Inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, Cat Stevens, and The Beatles T.T. is a self taught accomplished songwriter and musician whose writing inspiration comes from past experiences both positive and negative.


Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Tom Taylor has recently completed his debut album recorded and produced by Grammy® nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Patti Labelle, Silvertide) The album features contributions by Wilmington’s Gallucio and Rob Cavazzini, Earl “Chinna” Smith (Original Bob Marley & The Whaler’s Guitarist) and The Philadelphia Orchestra among other accomplished artists.   It’s earmarked for release in early summer of 2009.


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Artist/Musician's Biography

In 2004 destiny became a musical reality when three very young talented musicians met and just knew they had to make music together.  Jordan Beach (Lead Vox & Guitars), Colin Cunningham (Drums & Back Vox), and Thomas Boyd (Bass) came together to form one of the most unique and dynamic forces in the music world as we know it today.  Their sound was further enhanced and expanded in 2007 with the entrance of Cameron Cunningham (Keyboards and Back Vox).  They combine a clever blend of modern rock, saturated with memorable hooks, harmonious guitar riffs, chest pounding rhythms and irrepressible vocals.  Suitably named Thoroughfare, the band is traveling up the highway at blinding speed toward major break through success.


 Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee the band continues to achieve great strides in their quest for international recognition.  Blessed with great songs, passionate vocals, and an engaging, energy exhuming live show, they continue to perform high profile shows and festivals regionally and recently supported renowned artist Uncle Kracker, Bang Bang, and other well known artists.  Thoroughfare is making their mark, wooing fans in every city they perform.  The band has recently taken a huge step in the furtherance of their career by signing with national management firm Allure Media Entertainment based in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.


Their debut full length album “As Yet Unborn” produced by platinum selling producer Travis Wyrick (Pillar, POD) with 2 tracks co-produced by Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Silvertide, Halestorm, The Roots) is set for release in October of 2007. Thoroughfare’s plans for the future include an extensive radio and P/R campaign, and the band will tour immediately after the record release in support of the album.


Thoroughfare shows no signs of reducing speed on their highway to success and is poised to break nationwide.  For more information or to sample the sounds of this dynamic emerging force in rock you can visit their websites, or contact their management.

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Thank you so much for the bio. It's fantastic. I'm currently checking back with my label to see whether they want any changes. Will keep you posted.”

Ilja Rosendahl
Latent Anxiety

Hey Ken,

"On behalf of the band and myself I wanted to thank you for the awesome live performance review you did for us at Puck Live the other night.  We're thrilled that you loved the show and will make great use of the review in our press kits. thanks again."

Pete Specht
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The End Never Fails


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Brian Severn
Those Victorious

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David Ivory
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"I love it - This is very professional.  It's the best bio, article and review I have ever read"

Jay Bondz
Yung Godz

Hello Ken. 

"First I'd like to say wow that is much times a million better than
my other bio.  I do thank you.  Well written.  For only talking with you a few times and you seeing some older info about me you hit that right on the nose”. 
DJ Miguel

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"You guys have been a tremendous asset to our label and PR company.  The information you provide each month has proven to accellerate our business and has saved us a ton of money.  Hiring a music business consultant was the last thing on our minds - but what a move.  So happy we did it.  A thanks for everything!"

Melissa Cantore, VP of Marketing
Aware PR and Consulting
N. Hollywood, CA

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"Thanks so much for your lesson on manageing ourselves.  I know the business end is really out of our realm but it's the way we have to go for now.  Your advise and marketing plan will surely help a lot.  Thanks."

Brenda Paulson
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Indie Music Group,

"The step by step plan you provided is really making it easy to market our music far better.  Your suggestions were amazing and frankly we had never even imagined using such techniques.  Most of what you advised us on was totally new.  We will be in touch soon for another three way call"

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"Thank you for working with us to negotiate our new record deal with Drive By.  The contracts you did were awesome and all the legal advise superior.  Thanks for looking out for the bands best interest."

Billie J. McFarland
Ponk Trunk


"Great call last night!  We really had no idea all that we were doing wrong.  You really brought us into the light and we will be putting all your strategies into play immediately.  Your awesome!"

Cirus Abdul
Twilight Killers

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Greg Gagliano
Maine Street Rock

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