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  Music promotion, music marketing, and music publicity services for independent musicians

LEVEL 1 (Hourly Consulting)
DIY Management, Artist Development
Career Consulting & Coaching

Consulting Service (By The Hour or Monthly)

We advise and counsel on every aspect of managing your own career as an artist from business structure to your marketing and promotion strategies.  We will help you establish and build the solid foundation necessary for you to achieve your music career goals.  

Just a Few Areas of Discussion May Include But Not 
  Limited to The Following:

 :: The Business End Of your Career Including Legal
     Structure and Accountability
 :: Review and Analysis of Your Current Traditional and
     Digital Promotion and Marketing Techniques to
     Determine Strengths and Weakness and New Strategies
 :: Budget and Investment Backers in Your Music Career
 :: Artist Branding - Social Network Build-Out & Syndication
 :: Official Artist Website Design, Development & Marketing
 :: Viral Internet and Social Marketing Tactics
 :: CD, Video Release and Tour Consulting
 :: Both Physical and Digital Distribution Outlet
     Recommendations and Facilitation
 :: Radio Promotion Techniques and Strategies
 :: Full Review of Your Promotional Arsenal Including Press 
     &  Media Kit, Promo Photos, Videos, Material, Online 
     Official and Social Properties 
 :: Market and Fan base Expansion Strategies and Resources
Tour Planning and Facilitation, Budgets and Logistics,
    Agent Acquisition, Promoter-Connect, Festivals, Gig 
    Swapping Strategies
 :: Artist Development, Image Consulting
 :: Merchandise Development & Sales Strategies
 :: DIY Music Publicity, Press, and Music Media Related
 :: Basically Every Aspect Known to Man Today to Market 
    and Promote Your Career and Release

Artists and Clients can Expect to attain valuable information and will  be armed with an attainable plan of attack outlining step by step the process to follow to accelerate their music career.  Telephone and video consults are duly followed up via email with a written transcript - outlining the major details of the conference. 

More Details
Areas of Discussions and Consults Can Include But Not Limited to
Our Indie-Checklist


By Telephone, Email, or Instant Messenger 
(Sorry - Carrier Pigeon Not Available)
* Travel Expense May Apply

Contact Us with Questions Regarding Our Consultation Services or Schedule a Telephone, Email, or IM Consult Online Now

Questions on your music marketing campaign?  Contact us.

LEVEL 2 (Management - PR-Consulting Pak)
Artist Management, Artist
Development & Marketing
Monthly Retainer Based consulting/
management (6, 9, or 12 Month Campaign

Our Most Popular Plan -  Utilized By a Large Majority of Our independent Artists and Bands. 

Essentially you will have a manager and publicist who will work with you personally and advise and implement all the marketing and promotional initiatives.  Facilitating press, tours, distribution, street-team building, fan base and market expansion, merchandising strategies, and CD product marketing.

Your manager will be at your disposal when you need he or she.

Contact Us for More Details and Speak Directly With Your Future Artist Development Manager 

Questions on your music promotion campaign?  Contact us.

LEVEL 3 (Professional Publicity Representation and Management Pak)
Professional Representation
and Artist Management

)Monthly Retainer Based consulting/management
(6, 9, or 12 Month Campaign)

The Ultimate and Highest Artist Management Service-Level We Provide.
Basically covers the same services as our management/Development/Marketing Program with the added advantage of professional representation to the press, promoters, record companies, etc. Recommended for artists at an intermediate to advanced stage of development.  You or your band will be professionally represented by a professional personal artist manager, at your disposal, who will personally and professionally represent you on your behalf to the media, venues, promoters, and agents.  Our managers experience ranges from a minimum of 6 years to 24 years.  Here we will help build the solid foundation needed to attract high profile professional roster management, and record label attention or to build your own label and organization efficiently go go it independently.

Essentially, you will have professional artist manager representing you and at your disposal with no percentage ownership in your life as an artist, building and navigating your career to a solid level.  Artist's participating in this program may become eligible for roster/commissioned based management upon reaching an appropriate and advanced level of development and awareness.

Contact Us for More Details and Speak Directly With Your Future Personal Manager and Representative>>

Questions on your music publicity campaign?  Contact us.

(((Project & Product Management
(Record Release Marketing Campaign)
Monthly Fee Based Service (3, 6, or 9 Month Campaign)

Do you have a new record release on the horizon?  Will your CD release be done independently strictly by you?  Do you know how you're going to market, promote, publicize,and nationally distribute the release.  If you're very serious about making sure your new release hits with maximum impact, and gets the awareness and pubicity you need to really make it successful -- Hence - Actually sell records, IMCG can manage, market, and promote the record for optimal success.  Our consultant-managers will manage and market your product release in alliance with our national network of publicists, radio promoters, national distribution outlets, and viral Internet marketers.  We will also advise and facilitate merchandise development and sales strategies.

Your personal project and product mananger will be at your disposal.

Questions on your music marketing campaign?  Contact us.

Contact Us for More Details >>

(((Business Management and Accounting
Monthly Fee Based Service (On-Going)

The Difference ..............

Personal Artist Manager:
Counsels, advises, and organizes the affairs, performances and appearances for their clients and artists.  Performs all the necessary promotion.

Business Manager:
Handles all the bookeeping, accounting, investment, and financial aspects of the artists career.

We have professional In-House Business Managers and certified bookkeepers that can handle all of the financial portions of your career.  Our CPA Accounting partners work closely with us to assure accountability and audits for all client accounts. 

Questions on your music business management?  Contact us.

 Contact Us for More Details >>

(((Other Artist & Label Services
Served "HOT" and Ala Carte' 
(Click On Service of Interest for Details)

Publicity and Press Campaigns

Music publicity and music press campaigns

Viral Internet Music Marketing

Online music promotion and musicians viral internet music marketing

Digital and Physical Distribution

Digital music distribution and retail physical national CD Distribution

Radio Promotion Campaigns

Radio Promotion Campaign

Music Marketing Plan
Available For Quick Online Purchase 

Music Marketing Plan

Contract & Legal Assistance

Music lawyer, music attorney, music law, entertainment law

Biography Copywriting
Available For Quick Online Purchase

Musician Biography Development

Demo & CD Evaluations
Available For Quick Online Purchase

Music and Band CD demo evaluations

Marketing & Promotion Tipsheets
Free and Easy Online Access

Free music marketing and music promotion tips, resources, and strategies

Media and Press Copywriting
Available For Quick Online Purchase

Music publicity press release, feature articles

Website Design for Entertainers

Musicians website design and web marketing

Indie Musician's Resources

Unsigned Band Resources

All Ala Carte' Services In a Nutshell
All Available For Quick Online Puhase

Music marketing and Music promotion services

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Music promotion, music marketing, and music publicity services for independent musicians

Music promotion, music marketing, and music publicity services for independent musicians

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What They Say ....

Hey Ken,

"Our talk was very informative last night.  I think we have a better grip on the development end of things and actually know where to begin."

Roger Hamiltom
The End Never Fails


"Your advise made a lot of sense and the information you provided on viral Internet marketing really opened our eyes.  I'll be scheduling again soon."

Toby Toma

Hey Guys,

"Thanks so much for your lesson on manageing ourselves.  I know the business end is really out of our realm but it's the way we have to go for now.  Your advise and marketing plan will surely help a lot.  Thanks."

Brenda Paulson
The Gals From Austin

Indie Music Group,

"The step by step plan you provided is really making it easy to market our music far better.  Your suggestions were amazing and frankly we had never even imagined using such techniques.  Most of what you advised us on was totally new.  We will be in touch soon for another three way call"

Sean "Tippy" Douglas
Tragically Forlorn


"Thank you for working with us to negotiate our new record deal with Drive By.  The contracts you did were awesome and all the legal advise superior.  Thanks for looking out for the bands best interest."

Billie J. McFarland
Ponk Trunk


"Great call last night!  We really had no idea all that we were doing wrong.  You really brought us into the light and we will be putting all your strategies into play immediately.  Your awesome!"

Cirus Abdul
Twilight Killers

"Working with this company has been a great experience. They are responsive to my needs and always have the answer to important questions I have about marketing my music.  I totally recommend them!"

Cindy Thompson

"These guys are awesome -- Totally complete and useful information.  We'll put it to good use.  Thanks guys!

Greg Gagliano
Maine Street Rock

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