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  Indie Music Promotion 
 Checklist ........

 At Which stage of development
 are you as an artist or band? 


These are some of the questions that
you should be asking yourself and addressing ........


Music Publicity What kind of story are you telling? 
Indie record labelDo you have a business structure in place?
Music Marketing Plan Do you have your music marketing plan and
       promotion plan in place?
Indie Music PublicityHow much of a history and local or regional buzz do you have? 
Myspace Music Promotion Do you have 1,500,000 profile views and 2,500,000 plays on MySpace?
Musician Presskit Do have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and print media kit?
Music Publicity - CD Reviews Has your record been reviewed favorably by hundreds of reviewers?
Music Distribution Do you have record sales registered with Neilson SoundScan?

Digital Music Distribution Do you have digital sales registered with Sound Exchange?    
Retail national distribution and digital distribution Are your traditional and digital distribution channels adequate?
Music Producers Do you have a well known music producer working with you?
Music attorney, music law, entertainment lawyer, music lawyer Do you have legal counsel?
 How about a music publicist and booking agent?
Music Publicist Are you constantly in the press and media?
Band street teams Do you have street teams? 
Indie musician touring Are you touring relentlessly? 
Band fanbase expansion techniques Is your fan base all it can be? 
Artist Development, Image development Is your image hot and memorable? 
Music live performance development, music tours Is your live performance top notch and 
Music Promotion Have you put together the entire music
       promotion package you need to attract that creditable artist management company, label or national distributor...
Hit songwriting tips Do you have 4-5 Hit Songs under your belt and the ability to keep pumping them out?
 Band merchandise What kind of merchandising strategies do you have in place for merch designs, and sales?

These are just a few of the many questions that you should be asking yourself. 

If you plan to succeed - They Must Be Professionally Addressed !! 

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