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Ken Cavalier, Platinum Author

Artist Management -- Is an Artist Management Consultant a Good Alternative?
Anatomy of an Independent Artist's Career …
The Reality and How to Overcome the Odds

Indie Artists and Indie Musicians – Can You Benefit from The Guidance of a Music Career Coach?

Artist Management -- Are You Ready for Professional Representation?

Subsidizing Your Independent Music Career –
How to Feed Your Career, Yourself, and Lose the Day Job

Music Promotion Online --
8 Essential Tips to Viral Internet Music Promotion

Music Marketing Plan - Part I –
Just How Important is It? Find Out.

Music Marketing Plan Part II –
A Brief Summary of The Informal Plan

Music Marketing Plan Part III –
The Formal Plan of Incorporating Your Financial Projections

The Record Deal –
7 Step Guide to What Record Labels Really Want

Music Publicity –
Why and When to Hire a Music Publicist

Downloadable Music From Indie Artists –
Should You Make Some of Your Music Available for Free Download?

Artist Development and the Record Deal --
Is It a Paradox in Today’s World?

The Record Deal --
Do You Really Want One?  Do You Need One?

Music Marketing –
The Essentials of an Effective Music Press Kit

Independent Record Label --
Should You Start Your Own Label?

Music Producers -- Why engaging a well known record producer can seriously enhance your project << Featured Article
Music Distribution - Everything you need to know about Soundscan and Your UPC Code
Music Publicity - Essential Guidelines to an Effective New Media Digital Music Press Release
Music Recording -- 15 Essential DIY Tips
to Recording a Great Record
Film & TV Music Licensing For Songwriters and Musicians – How to Get Results

Record Deal – Guidelines to Submitting Material to Record Labels Yourself

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Ken Cavalier, Platinum Author



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