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At The Indie Music Consulting Group, and all of our other companies for that matter, the biggest concern by far that comes across our desk - Daily - from the Indie Artists we speak with is being able to put together an effective tour.  And we firmly believe - NO - WE KNOW - that this concern is rightfully placed.

Just How Important is It For an Independent Artist
or Band to Get Out There On The Road and Tour?

We're pretty sure you know the answer to this. 

Simply Put; 
It's Essential !

With today's independent bands struggling for a decent market share and the necessary funding they need to promote their project, they are literally forced to get out there in front of fans and potential fans to get the word out. 

However, touring as you may know can be a thankless - daunting task. Especially if it is not properly organized.  Bands that put together a venue tour themselves which has not been well thought out or organized adequately usually return home broke, tired, hungry, and disappointed, and in the hole quite a bit of money.  It doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

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The Whole Ball of Wax - We Will Show You How to Set Up and Execute an Effective - Profitable National  or International Indie Tour.  Or Better Yet - If You Are So Inclined - Our Indie Promoters Can Do It For You.

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