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Demo and CD Evaluation & Assessment .......

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You have Just One Shot at a Record Deal -
Publishing Deal...
Film & TV Submission,
Feature Article or Review
Make Darn Sure
It's a Bulls-Eye !!

How to get a record deal

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING !  AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO MAJOR RECORD LABELS, INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS, MUSIC PUBLISHERS, AND FILM AND TV MUSIC SUPERVISORS. The question of the ages for unsigned artists and unsigned bands has always been ....  How to get a record deal.   Well, anyone who knows anything about the music recording and record industry should know ....You only have one shot at a major record label, indie record label, hip hop record label, or any record label and music producer for that matter.  You need to make sure it's your best shot.  Your CD demo ...  Your Image ....  Your Press Kit  ..... They all need to be right the first time  If they're not ... Your CD will pass like a ship in the night and be disgarded immediately as most are.  This doesn't have to happen  to you..  There's a way to rise above the rest.

"Absolutely - Positively the Most Detailed Evaluation
Offered by a Professional A&R Company"
David Ivory  Grammy Nominated
Engineer/Producer [Atlantic Records]

Our Veteran A&R Services team has the seasoned "EARS" and they know instinctively what major record labels and independent record labels want.  It's their job to know what they want.  The guidelines utilized in our unique demo and album assessment reports were structured and written by A&R representatives whose responsibility  is to recommend and bring the top level record executives "THE HEAT" -- new talent that is ripe for signing.  They are unlike any other demo and CD assessment service's reports. They are extremely detailed in every way - shape-and form >> Not just a comment or two like most other firms or so-called music gurus. 


We're so confident that they will provide you with the knowledge you need to make your demo and recordings BETTER ..  and what the labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors are looking for  that they come totally RISK FREE and with our "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

Our A&R Veterans evaluate your demo utilizing our  unique proprietary assessment guidelines to assure it's what the labels are looking for .....  BEFORE you submit it to the major record labels or independent record labels

Before either a major record label or independent record label even considers offering a record deal or any level of recording contract they MUST be absolutely BLOWN AWAY!  Especially with the state of the music industry and record industry today. Trust us on this PLEASE!  This doesn't happen very often to say the least.  The ratio to what A&R Representatives listen to and what they recommend for signing to the upper level record executives with the true signing power is maybe 100 to 1 ....  Depending upon the size of the label and signing quotas the actual ratio that upper level executives consider signing is approximately 1000 to 1.  Not good odds. You need every possible advantage you can muster.

This doesn't mean you should be discouraged because with the right demo or CD you could be one of the lucky ones.  But it has to be what the labels want.  This is how our band demo assessment report can help magnify your chances greatly.  Point by point our professionals will explain in written detail what's good and what's not so good about your demo music recording.  They'll help you tailor the recording into exactly what labels want.  That's no guarantee of anything of course but your chances will be far greater.

When it comes to labels reviewing your demo
submissions and media kit that old adage is so true


Please whatever you do don't fall into the trap that many independent A&R subscription services try and sell you.  You can't keep repeatedly submitting your work to major record labels or independent music labels just because they may have the major record label address.  If you're rejected the first time ... that's pretty much it unless you change your name and image and start from the beginning ... yet again. 

AMEG with it's artist development and consultative services is a premier musicians resource and unsigned band resource and has been assessing unsigned band demos, music recordings, and presskits for over 23 years.  It's our business ...  We have accumulated music connections over the years and it's part of what we do when considering management and demo CD shopping deals. 

Don't let the most important dream of your life be left to chance. Increase your chances of landing a record deal and recording contract with a professional pre-label assessment by the Allure A&R Professionals. 

In the course of signing acts to management, and shopping record deals over the past 23 years we know exactly what A&R and labels want.  Don't make the mistake of submitting your demo or press kit to labels until it's right. 

Our assessment reports are structured utilizing the exact guidelines that major record label A&R executives use to evaluate their artist submissions.

Many unsigned artists and unsigned bands have found that it makes perfect sense to utilize our service before actually diving in head-on and having a reputable source submit it to record labels.  Depending upon the level of service you choose, you'll receive a detailed and fully comprehensive, easy to understand report totally critiquing your demo's strong points and weak points on either our 7 point or 12 point proprietary system.  If you submit a media or promo kit (recommended with Gold Service) along with your demo, we'll evaluate that for you as well.  Our evaluation reports are structured  by A&R experts and record producers utilizing the exact guidelines that major and Indie record label A&R use to evaluate their artist submissions.  Our comprehensive professional evaluations will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to properly equip yourself for your major or Indie label attack.

Depending upon the level of service package you choose, 
our A&R professionals will evaluate your demo and press kit
utilizing some of the following criteria:

  • Strength of Material
  • Songwriting Techniques
  • Production and Arrangement
  • Quality of Recording
  • Commercial Appeal
  • Marketability
  • Image Strength
  • Instrumentation
  • Lyric Critique
  • Lead Vocal
  • Break-Through Potential
  • etc.


Evaluation of  your Full Length or completed EP by our A&R Associates



CD & Demo Assessments



Record Deal
Evaluation of your demo prior to mastering









Evaluating your music via your online links





Full comprehensive critique and report



Demo or CD Assessment and Evaluation by our A&R Associates ....

Full return reporting critique

Demos and CDs are evaluated by  a member of our associate independent A&R Staff at our firm Allure Media Entertainment Group, Inc. 

We will critique your CD or Demo using our detailed proprietary System
 (which utilizes the exact same guidelines as the major and Independent record label A&R departments use to evaluate their demo CD submissions).  If you're submitting to labels, publishers, promoters, managers,  film or TV.
You may only have one chance to make a good first impression - Make it your best shot!  Choose Gold or Silver Evaluation.  This very detailed critique service is guranteed to shed a great deal of light on your project and recordings.

4 Assessment Options
to Choose From

(We evaluate CD's either via your online link or physical CD's by US Mail) -
Your Choice

Silver Assessment      
Up to 3 songs evaluated
on our 7 point system



Silver Standard Service

Return report in 6-8 weeks
from date demo/CD is received
US $ 118.00

Service / Product # dcda-009-sss

Prefer to Pay with Paper Check 
or Money Order by US Mail ?
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Silver Priority Service       

Return report within 3 weeks
from date demo/CD is received

$ 138.00

Service / Product # dcda-010-sps

Prefer to Pay with Paper
Check or Money Order by US Mail ?   
Contact Us for Instructions >>


Gold Assessment      
Up to 5 songs evaluated
on our 12 point system







Gold Standard Service      

Return report in 6-8 weeks
from date demo/CD is received
US $ 168.00

Service / Product # dcda-011-gss

Prefer to Pay with Paper
Check or Money Order by US Mail ?   
Contact Us for Instructions >>


Gold Priority Service        

Return report within 3 weeks
from date demo is received

US  188.00

Service / Product # dcda-012-gps


Prefer to Pay with Paper
Check or Money Order by US Mail ?   
Contact Us for Instructions >>

Demos and CD's can be submitted via online streamable link or physically via US mail.  After your purchase we will contact you to give you full instructions for submission either by online link or US Mail.







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What Musicians Say About Our Comprehensive Assessments ....

Get Signed

Get a Record Deal

"Wow - could you please please pass on my thanks to Casey for the evaluation - I'm so glad to have found you! The feedback has been exceptionally helpful on many levels and I can't pass on my thanks enough!"

Pipa Vanderburg

"Working with Ken and The IMCG has been a terrific experience. Within the first few minutes of working with him I was completely confident that my decision to work with him was a good one. Ken is responsive to your concerns about the process every step of the way and gives useful, productive feedback. He has written my bio, a highly effective pr release and set up my webpage in a clean, professional way. I am very pleased with Ken's work and I am looking forward to working with him in the future on interesting high profile projects".

Alexandra M. Beil
Celebrity Publicist
Vienna, Austria

“Your evaluation was fair and extremely helpful in identifying where we are as a band.  Your highly descriptive commentary and thorough rating system have really opened our eyes and will add great value to our careers by allowing us to focus on shoring up our weaknesses while further enhancing our strengths.  For this, we thank you.  The assessment was well worth it!!!”

Joseph Greene

"I recently received my priority gold evaluation and assessment.  The critique was very detailed and extremely reassuring in letting me know that I have a commercially marketable product with a strong potential for breaking into the mainstream. I am interested in working with Ken and the Allure team on an independent consulting basis and hope to take advantage of their management services.  I also wish to have my product shopped to major and Independent labels.  Please let me know what recommendations you may have for moving things to the next level and what is needed from me to initiate a working relationship.  I look forward to working with you. Thank you for your time."

Billy Blackburn


"The bios you did for our artists are extremely professional and well written.  The story you portray is perfect and it's obviously you guys know how to write for the entertainment media"."  We're signing new artists all the time and will be in touch - You Da Man to write our bios.  Thanks"

Conrad Holt, President
Sex Baby Records, LLC

"You guys have been a tremendous asset to our label and PR company.  The information you provide each month has proven to accellerate our business and has saved us a ton of money.  Hiring a music business consultant was the last thing on our minds - but what a move.  So happy we did it.  A thanks for everything!"

Melissa Cantore, VP of Marketing
Aware PR and Consulting, Inc.
N. Hollywood, CA






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