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Please Note:  We are a marketing and publicity firm, not a music distribution firm.  We work only with our marketing & Publicity clients to assist with distribution.  We are not a music distribution company.  If it is soley distribution that you are seeking, we are not the ones to call.

Let's face it - if you release a new record and it is not properly distributed and available for purchase by the public - Why Bother?  Although one important issue to note is that distribution without adequate marketing and publicity can also be a waste of time.  The point is - both must be done in conjunction with one another.  As a client, we will put together the whole plan of attack - Developing and implementing a solid product release marketing plan than facilitating the proper music distribution.

It's true - today's digital music distribution market is growing day by day and will soon overtake retail physical distribution.  Just last year the ratio was 70% sales still physical and only 30% were digital downloads.  As of this year the digital market has epanded to include 50% of overall music sales.  So with all being even, you can see that proper marketing and both digital and physical music distribution is important.  As we write this - music fans still want to touch and feel a CD.

Most independent and DIY artists have a handle on getting their release distributed digitally.  With services provided by Tunecore, CDbaby, Reverbnation, iTunes, Rhapsody, Zebralution, and on and on, it's pretty easy.  However these artists are missing out on 50% of overall sales. 
The key is to have both strong physical and digital distribution, in harmony with strong promotion.  We Can
put the whole plan together for you.

Music Distribution deals are becoming the way to go for independent artists releasing thier own product.  We have affiliations and associates with the top Retail and Digital Distributors and we can negotiate a music distribution deal.  Most of our distribution affiliations specialize in distribution for independent artists owning thier own label which of course must be adequately marketed.  This is all part of our program  AOLS [Artist Owned Label Services]

It is also important to note that any responsible national distributor will not consider a full-out distribution deal unless there is substantial buzz around the project, it is adequately promoted, and the act is touring extensively in support of their release.

Once the marketing and publicity plan has been developed and put into place by us, we can facilitate national distribution in conjunction with the promotion, marketing, and advertising.

Overview of Our National Distribution Network: (For current clients only)

Physical and Digital:

Distribution Network
ADA [Alternative Distribution Network]
Warner Music Group
Impulse Music
Super D
Best Buy-Indie
Ryko Disc [Recently Sold and merged]
Newbury Comics
Neilsen SoundScan - Reporting

European Distribution
CMM Marketing

CD Baby
SoundExchange - Reporting

Toll Free

Please Note Before
You Call or Email:
Our current concentration is on providing Publicity & Marketing for artists' labels and their CD releases along with generalized management consulting. 

Please do no contact us
regarding commission-based
artist management or stand-alone distribution.

Serious Inquiries Only!

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