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 Music Marketing Plan .......

Music Marketing Plan Development
One of the first steps we advise all of our artists to take is to PUT YOUR PLAN IN WRITING.  This means do your due dilligence, your market research, and prepare a roadmap on exactly how you plan to go about your music marketing and music promotion initiatives. A well written and effective music marketing plan can be your most valuable ali in the war on getting your music career where you want it to go.  It is also a very valuable document that you should use to try and attract music investors in your career.  A marketing plan is an intense business document and should be prepared by a professional.  Our marketing writers prepare them daily for our artists and they have been proven highly effective.

"A Promotional Initiative Without
a Plan is Just a Wish"

An Overview ....

Music Marketing  Ė Just How Important is It?

Itís estimated that approximately 95% of independent musicians and bands either fail to gain any aspect of success or only achieve minimal success in the music business.  As an independent musician, artist, or full band, you have chosen a field which is probably one of the most competitive in which to try and be successful.  However, this in no way should discourage you from going after your dream.  After all, it canít Ė Music is in your heart and soul and itís simply something that you must do.  Therefore, since it is something that you literally must do to be happy then why not give it your best shot by doing everything right.  Doing everything right means beginning with a solid foundation.  This is where your music marketing plan comes into play as the first and foremost element in creating the music industry success that you so desire.

Your music marketing plan is essential in your overall strategy and is the roadmap that once properly researched and outlined, you must absolutely follow if you intend to achieve any semblance of music career success.  It will provide the stability you need to stay focused on your course of action.  The music marketing plan will be used to lay out your plan of action for marketing you as an independent artist or your band but it can also be used for seeking the "ALL IMPORTANT" investment money that can be used for serious music promotion.  Essentially, this is your blueprint.  And like any other blueprint, for example in the construction of a building, it must be taken seriously and followed precisely for that building to be constructed solidly.  You can write it, but if you donít adhere to it, itís useless. 

There are actually two types of plans that you can prepare:

An Informal Music Marketing Plan:
This plan should consist of a summary of your band structure, responsibilities, and a  roadmap of the day to day marketing and promotion efforts that you should pursue along with the timeframes for their implementation.  Your plan should cover methods by which you will market, promote, and develop as an artist, and the steps to take in order to market and promote your product (CD). You should segment efforts to develop as an artist and the promotion of your product separately in two different categories for easier dissemination.   Some research and music market analysis is necessary so that you have a clear picture of what it is you are trying to overcome and eventually achieve.  This should essentially be an outline and blueprint that when adequately developed and clearly written should act to keep you highly focused on the paths you must take. 

A Formal Music Marketing Plan:
The formal music marketing plan should be professionally laid out and prepared, and contain substantial specific financial projections and details - mainly because you may want to use this version of the plan to entice potential investors in your music career.  This plan should not only contain your development and promotion summary, structure, and product marketing initiatives, but should also consist of more detail on projected finances, income, and statistics if you are going to go after investment money from an outside source. 

Music investors or ďAngelsĒ as they are sometimes referred too want to be assured that they will receive a return on their investment.  Any doubt or weakness in the proposed formula to provide the potential investor with a reasonable return on their money can result in ďNo-TakersĒ.  Therefore your formal music marketing plan should clearly point out exactly how you plan to bring in the money through record sales, performances, merchandise, and media appearances, that will create the return for the music career investor as well as your informal blueprint to follow to get to where you want to go as an artist and how you are going to market your products which essentially is your CDís and merchandise.  Having the ability to get serious money behind you for the marketing and promotion of your career and your products gives you a major advantage over most other Indie artists.  If you can get it ...  you should jump for joy and be extremely grateful because it means your chances of success in the music business increase immensely.  But in a plan to attract this money you need to be honest, precise, and highly detailed with the financials.

These are the basic ideas for the 2 types of marketing plans you should seriously consider putting together prior to even starting your music marketing effort.  The plan will provide an easy to follow map of day to day music promotion strategies that you should employ to get you where you want to go.  I go into the essentials and details of both a formal and informal plan, and how to assemble one in future articles and at my music biz 101 website.

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Music Marketing Plan
Literally Your Bible
for Success






Music marketing plan development





Music Business Plan Development




Music Business Marketing Plan Development Ė

For the Independent and DIY Artist, Band, Indie Label, and any other music related businessess.

We Cannot - We Repeat - Cannot emphasize enough the importance of utilizing a professionally developed and formatted marketing plan.  As Indie music consultants and managers, this is usually the first or possibly the second thing we recommend our artists, labels, and music businesses put into place

Whether you're an independent artist, label, or music business - which as an indie - DIY artist your music career is your business, a written "Plan of Action" is crucial to your success.  Without one, you're just shooting arrows in the wind- aimlessly trying to achieve your goals.  The likelyhood of achieving a resonable and acceptable degree of success is very small. 

A Comprehensive, well written, and solid Music Marketing Plan is absolutely essential to success in any start up music business.  It is your bible, your roadmap, which should be followed without yeilding from it.  It spells out in an easy to understand format, the strategies, and the steps you need to take, how  and when to take them, and how to implement your strategies in an effective manner.  Often, we won't even consider working with an artist, independent label, or other music entity, if they are not open to developing and using a solid music marketing plan.  Without a good one- literally all efforts can be in vein.

Whether it's our firm, or someone else who develops and prepares it, we genuinely recommend not going it alone without the written "PLAN OF ATTACK".

Once your music plan is completed, we will personally walk you through it, mentor and teach you how to implement each and every step, and use it effectively to achieve the highest possible results, and music career/business advantage. 


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After your purchase, a business representative will contact you to discuss the details of your music marketing plan.  We will need to work closely and interact with you to gain information during the process.  So there will be quite a back and forth period going on. Your plan will be presented to you via email and will take approximately one month to complete.  Use it - Live by it - as though your career depended upon it.  It very well may.



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