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Music publicity
Music Publicity     Campaigns .....

  "Without Publicity a Terrible Thing Happens - NOTHING"
 P.T. Barnum

Music Publicity 
3-6 Month Campaign - Ongoing Publicity From High Profile National and International Music Publicists Available

Anyone involved in the music business and music industry promotions knows that it takes many years to formulate effective and reliable music media and press contacts.  We are Relationship Builders.

Over the years, we have established relationships with the industry's top
music publicists and music media outlets.  We also have our own extensive media and press contact databases and distribution lists which we utilize to promote and create awareness for our artists and clients, their tours, and their record releases.  We are also the associate publicist for Ivory Productions.  We can facilitate a campaign via our in-house staff or if you are working with us on a consulting or management basis, we can connect you with the appropriate - genre related higher profile music publicist - depending upon your budget and level of development.

We work with music & entertainment related print media, broadcast media such as radio and TV, and digital new media via the Internet and other multimedia outlets.  

We develop and implement strategic public relations campaigns for our music and entertainment clients utilizing new media digital and print reviews, quotes, features, press releases, and on route tour P/R support.

We continue to be a market leader in independent music publicity for multi artists and genres of music. 

We Have Two Levels of Press and P/R Campaigns:

In-House P/R Campaign:

Starter Music Publicity & Media Campaign: 

Perfect for Independent artists, with a new release who are at the beginning to intermediate stage of development.   The Indie-Starter music publicity campaign is facilitated by our in-house media relations and Music P/R staff.

Campaign Details:   Geo-Targeted & National ....
Our professional writers will gather all the necessary   information and create an up-to-date
artist/band biography
Our media writers will write press releases for distribution to music journalists.  Your CD will be pitched and submitted for review to genre related media outlets, genre related radio, magazines, online music portals, music blogs, social music related websites, muscizines, and wezines.  Each campaign is tailored to the music publicity media outlets specializing in your specific genre of music, entertainment, or business interest.

Icon Campaign:  (Regional - National - International Music PublicityCampaigns) 3, 6 Month and Ongoing Campaigns

Facilitated by our National Network of High-Profile
Music and Celebrity Publicists ......

 Traditional Print/ Radio / Television and Online Press   
Domestic U.S Tour Press and P/R 
. Canadian & European Traditional Print Press campaign
 US, Canadian, and European Tour Press
 Newspaper print - Daily/Weekly micro managed campaign
 Online Publicity - Editorial - Reviews / Features
 Syndicated Radio micro managed publicity campaign
 Classic Rock Radio micro managed publicity campaigns
 (Digital)Technical Press micro managed publicity campaign
 Trade Press micro managed publicity campaign
 Consulting for music & video releases, tours, advertising,   Print, Online and television media advertising buys
 Drafting of press releases, artist biographies, liner notes etc.
 Creating digital assets such as advert banner, e-cards

Our network of higher profile music publicists are highly sought after and are leaders in their niche and have worked with a diverse group of celebrity entertainers.  Just to name a few --
Lenny Kravitz, Judas Priest, Chris Angel, Iron Maiden, Kansas, Elton John, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Silvertide, Lynyrd Skynrd, Foreigner, Seether, and so on - Only touching the surface.  Other Music Public Relations Campaigns include tour P/R support for artists participating in major music festivals (Ozzfest, Vans Warped Tour, Rocklahoma).  Also press and publicity management on major and indie film releases.

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    DIY Indie Music Publicity



DIY Publicity

If you're on a shoestring budget and doing your own publicity, the professional music publicity copywriters at Aware PR, Inc. can help.

They Develop and write your professional biographies, press releases, feature articles and other media pieces.

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