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Rewards and Referral Program for helping Independent Artists and Labels


 The major majority of our projects are referred to us by established music business people such as producers, engineers, publicists, record labels and management & booking agencies among many other music related entities.  However, we receive numerous projects through our referral network of plain folks who know about us and what we do and who have a desire to assist a certain artist or band by referring them to us for help.   We thrive on networking and word of mouth.  They are proven to be the ultimate client for us.

In order to show our gratitude to music related business and the network of people who refer clients to us, we have recently implemented a referral-reward program.


How Does it Work?


Itís quite simple Ė Refer a client to us.  If we take the project and enter into a compensation based agreement with the artist, band, or label, you will be rewarded with a referral percentage of our fee.  Referral fees can range from 3%, 7% or in some cases as high as 10% of revenue depending upon the service or campaign we do for the artist or label.  If you know an artist, band, or indie label that may be struggling a bit or needs some help Ė tell them about us.  Donít forget to ask them to let us know you referred them. 

How do I Refer an Artist or Label?

Send us an email with the perspective artist or clientís information and tell us youíll be referring them to us  We will contact you with the referral program details.  Once they contact us and we enter into a paid agreement we will contact you and set up your referral fee agreement. 

It's a simple, easy, and great way to help independent artists and labels with their music career or business objectives and you can earn a few substantial extra bucks as well just for helping them out.

Please note:  Referral fees are not due or paid until we are in receipt of payment from artists, bands, or labels for a particular service.  Referral payments are made via paypal.

Contact via email

PH 1.888.242.9331 

Referral Hotline


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